Creating social value through rural retail

Based on values of dignity and inclusion, Saudaagar is envisioned to create sustainable livelihood for rural Differently Abled People (DAPs).

In Uttar Pradesh more than 1.8% of population suffers from disability and mostly is unemployed. This population is large and highly dispersed. Saudaagar model uses rural retail as a tool to create self-employment opportunity for more than 25000 differently abled people.

Our solution starts with creating branded franchised retail outlet owned by a DAP in every village of Uttar Pradesh having population in excess of 2000. These Saudaagar Outlets stock daily household necessity items and social innovations through doorstep delivery model connected through a strong distribution network and IT support. The model eliminates the need of the entrepreneur to travel for stocking thereby addressing the mobility issue.

Uttar Pradesh at a glance.

" We at Saudaagar believe that just teaching to fish is not enough, we need to revolutionize the whole fishing technique to make the solution sustainable. And thus these outlets are also designed to serve as the focal point of inter-connecting villages to create three directional flows of goods from Urban to Rural, Rural to Rural and Rural to Urban. "

The Saudaagar distribution network will also be a rider for creating ‘enterprises’ within ‘enterprise” like supplying prescription medicines to long term ill person in the village employing digital communication/transcription, using delivery vans for promoting schemes of public interest etc. The beauty of the model is that it can metamorphose to address local social needs while following the standard rules of supply chain management.

Major Challenge: Lack of livelihood opportunities for rural physically challenged people which is 1.8% of total population in the state of Uttar Pradesh (Ministry of Social Justice and empowerment, GOI, 2001)

Allied problems/opportunities:

  • 1. Uttar Pradesh has more than 25000 densely populated villages and most of them are not connected (2011 Census, Uttar Pradesh). Thus FMCG products have existing unmet demand in rural areas along with Menace of spurious products.

  • 2. 50% of the rural market is media dark and untapped.(Mr. Pradeep Kashyap, Founder & CEO MART at TEDx Event, 2011)There is lack of distribution channels for socially relevant products and rural innovation in rural areas and no platform for the rural products to be sold even in rural areas.

This network will facilitate three directional flows of goods:
Urban to Rural (FMCG & socially relevant products)
Rural to Rural (Items of daily consumption made by rural SHGs for rural consumers)
Rural to Urban (Products made by rural artisans upgraded for urban consumption, Agriculture/ Farm produce)

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